Kalinov Rodnichok for kids

Children's drinking water of the highest category Kalinov Rodnichok is specially prepared natural water, thoroughly purified and saturated with balanced mineral composition of beneficial substances. Ideal for babies from birth, both for daily consumption and for preparing baby food*. Kalinov Rodnichok” saturated with the necessary amount of fluorine, calcium, magnesium, while not exceeding the total mineralization rate of not more than 450 mg / l. This water will definitely like your baby! The Kalinov Rodnichok water is available in a format from 0.33 to 6 liters

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Содержание основных ионов, мг/л, не более

Bicorbanates (НСO3-) 30-400
Calcium (Ca2+) 25-80
Fluoride-ion (F-) <1,0
Potassium (K+) 2-15
Magnesium (Mg2+) 5-40

Total mineralization - 200-450 mg/l
Total hardness  -  1,5-6,0 mg-eqv/l

Kalinov Rodnichok for kids