Kalinov Rodnichok for kids

Kalinov Rodnichok for kids — «Калинов Родник»

Child drinking water Kalinov Rodnichok is specially prepared natural water, thoroughly purified and saturated with a balanced mineral composition of nutrients. Ideal for babies from day one for both daily consumption and baby food preparation*. Kalinov Rodnichok contains the necessary amount of fluorine, calcium, magnesium, while not exceeding total dissolved solids norm of no more than 500 mg/L. Your baby will definitely like this water! The packaging of Kalinov Rodnichok water ranges from 330 ml to 6 liters. See more information on the website.


Content of basic ions, mg / l, not more than

Bicarbonates (НСO3-) 30-400
Calcium (Ca2+) 15-60
Magnesium (Mg2+) 3-30
Potassium (K+) 2-15
Fluoride ion (F-) <1,0

Total hardness — 1,5-6,0 meq/L
Total dissolved solids — 100-500 mg/L

*It is recommended to use CHILD DRINKING WATER for daily consumption and baby food preparation.