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Our water comes from one original source that allows us to guarantee quality and natural taste of any sip made from any KALINOV RODNIK branded bottle.
KALINOV RODNIK is a natural mineral water extracted from a natural source that is located in an ecologically clean area surrounded by picturesque spurs of the Klin-Dmitrov ridge.
Coming from the depth of 150 meters, passing several filtration stages and rigorous quality control KALINOV RODNIK mineral water retains all its beneficial properties and mineral composition.
A multi-stage filtration system enriches our water with beneficial properties in the course of natural physical, biological and chemical processes. The water goes through many layers of soil and various aquifer, is saturated with natural substances and acquires its unique taste.
Natural Filtration
Carbon filtration purifies water after it has passed through various natural filters. Carbon removes organic impurities and has a beneficial impact on water treatment. All important and beneficial properties of water remain intact.
Carbon Filtration
Ozone water treatment is one of the most delicate, complex and expensive processes for water purification. As a result of natural chemical reactions water becomes crystal clear while preserving its unique natural composition of salts and minerals.
Ozone Water Treatment
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