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Drinking water for kids KALINOV RODNICHOK meets all high standards applied for kids’ drinking water. Rigorous technological process and stringent quality control make water for kids KALINOV RODNICHOK absolutely safe for consumption from birth. Its natural composition is ideally balanced and suits well the needs of growing boys and girls in everyday water consumption as well as in food preparation*.
KALINOV RODNICHOK contains the necessary amount of fluorine, calcium, magnesium, while not exceeding total dissolved solids norm of no more than 500 mg/L. Available formats range from 330ml to 2L.
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Bicarbonate ion (НСO3-)
Calcium (Ca2+)
Magnesium (Mg2+)
Potassium (K+)
Content of basic ions, mg / l, not more than
Fluoride ion (F-)
* We recommend to use this water for dilution of mashed vegetables or cereals without heat treatment, without age restrictions.
Total hardness
1,5-6,0 meq/L
Total dissolved solids
100-500 g/dm3
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