The brand Kalinov Rodnik

This is a guaranteed high quality product produced on the modern and technological soft drinks factory Fonte Aqua PK. Created in 2003 by the technical project of Pernord Riccard (France) one of the largest players in the beverage market, Fonte Aqua PK plant remains to this day one of the most modern production of high-quality soft drinks and mineral water.

The well for the extraction of natural water Kalinov Rodnik is located in an ecologically clean area surrounded by picturesque areas of the Klin-Dmitrovsky ridge. Passing several filtration steps from the depth of 155 meters, the water Kalinov Rodnik retains all its useful properties and mineral composition.

Water is extracted and bottled exclusively in one place. This guarantees 100% quality and naturality of each drink, which will be made from a bottle with the emblem of Kalinov Rodnik.

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Natural filtration

The process of natural water filtration is a complex and multi-stage system, where every step is thought out by the nature itself. With the help of natural physical, biological and chemical processes, water goes through complex stages of enrichment and purification. Passing through many layers of soil and aquifers, Kalinov Rodnik water gets saturated with important natural substances, acquires its unique taste and absorbs all the useful elements.


Carbon filtering

Carbon filtering helps to purify water as much as possible after it passes through natural filters. Carbon has useful properties for natural water treatment, while keeping intact the useful qualities of water.


Ozone water treatment

Ozone water treatment process is one of the most delicate, complex and expensive processes for water purification. As a result of natural chemical reactions, water becomes crystal clear while preserving its unique natural composition of salts and minerals.